Erin Taylor: are squatter settlements also too big to fail? <a href="">More...</a>Melinda Cooper asks what new questions about life and value the life sciences are now posing, plus audio from a related workshop <a href="">More...</a>But, asks Donncha Marron, are there bigger fish to fry?  <a href="">More...</a>An exclusive translation of an extract from Ariel Wilkis' forthcoming book <a href="">More...</a>Jose Ossandon on low and high finance studies after performativity <a href="">More...</a>David Stark on how processes of valuation are shaped by ‘attention networks’ <a href="">More...</a>


Research news

Why More Diversity on Wall Street Might Fight Bubbles

Might ethnic diversity help combat market bubbles? Two recent pieces featuring David Stark on a recent paper that he co-authored

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Event news

IMTFI's Sixth Annual Conference for Funded Researchers - LIVE

The Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion at University of California, Irvine is LIVE online, over the course of the next two days.

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Event news

The New Politics of Indebtedness in Britain, December 18th

A forthcoming event marking the launch of a major new report into the politics UK indebtedness, the outcome of a six month study involving Johnna Montgomerie, Joe Deville, Carl Packman, Daniel Tischer and Liam Stanley

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EGOS Sub-theme 25: Devising Markets and Other Valuation Sites CFP

convened by Liz McFall, Claes-Frederik Helgesson and Pascale Trompette in Athens, July 2-4 2015

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Event News

Workshop: Markets for Collective Concerns

Very exciting looking workshop at the CBS on the use of market mechanisms to attempt to solve collective concerns. Speakers include Nicholas Gane, Peter Karnøe, Philip Mirowski, and Annelise Riles. Registration required.

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New Publication

The Oxford Handbook Of Sociology, Social Theory And Organization Studies: Contemporary Currents

Edited by Paul S. Adler, Paul du Gay, Glenn Morgan, and Mike Reed, including chapters by Andrea Mennicken and Peter Miller, Barbara Czarniawska, Franck Cochoy, Mike Power, Nicolai J. Foss and Peter G. Klein. DISCOUNTS CODES AND FLYERS AVAILABLE HERE

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Journal News

'My Improbable Profession' - new short story in Consumption Markets & Culture

In a first for the journal, Consumption Markets and Culture has published a work of fiction: John Schouten's short story "My improbable profession". Available for free for a limited period of time, it illuminates central topics such as agency, materiality, and storytelling, and sheds light on the growing use of ethnographic inspired research within the marketplace

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New Research

Creating the Responsible Consumer: Ethnographic Insights from Davos

Markus Giesler introduces articles in Open Democracy and the Baffler on market systems and consumer subjectivity, drawing on a paper co-authored with Ela Veresiu

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New Ernest Dichter online archive

Stefan Schwarzkopf highlights the launch of a fascinating archive of all the market and consumer research reports compiled by the famous (and notorious) motivation researcher Ernest Dichter between 1935 and the 1980s

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Infrastructures of money

Joe Deville on just how important the infrastructures of money are, reporting on a recent conference on Money as Communication at the University of Southern California

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Safety in numbers: Squatting as social and financial security

Are residents of squatter settlements in the "developing world" really less secure than home owners in wealthier countries? Perhaps not.

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Is it really so hard to sell better security to the poor?

In the context of the never-ending story cycle of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act this article considers the perennial question of why the poor have so often throughout history been considered resistant to policy reforms that were designed in their own interests.

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Mini-conference report: Domesticizing Financial Economies, SASE, Chicago

Jeanne Lazarus, Mariana Luzzi, and José Ossandón report on the SASE mini-conference they organised, including reflections on what they term the "Zelizerian turn"

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