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Institutional news

Public-Private Markets and Valuation: New CBS research cluster

New research cluster at the Copenhagen Business School just launched, examining the consequences of the proliferation of valuation devices in the strategy of public and private organisations, led by Christian Frankel, José Ossandón and Trine Pallesen - events to features speakers including Philip Mirowski, Annelise Riles, Daniel Breslau, and Daniel Neyland

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Journal News

Consuming Credit: Special Issue of Consumption Markets & Culture

Announcing a new Special Issue of Consumption Markets & Culture on the consumption of credit. It is edited by Paul Langley, who also features in the collection alongside fellow Charisma members José Ossandón, Joe Deville and Donncha Marron, with a Postscript by Bill Maurer

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Call for Papers

Repeat! The Logics of Exercises, Trainings, Tests and Rehearsals

Call for papers for "Repeat! The Logics of Exercises, Trainings, Tests and Rehearsals" - a conference to take place at Goldsmiths in November. Deadline for abstracts July 20th.

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'Dangerous Consumption' - Invitation to attend

Invitation from Rebecca Cassidy to attend a conference looking at 'Dangerous Consumption' - including gambling, drugs, tobacco, alcohol and sex - at Goldsmiths on July 11th

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Journal news

Economization of Uncertainty: New Journal of Cultural Economy Special Issue

New Special Issue of Journal of Cultural Economy on the 'Economization of Uncertainty' out now. Edited by Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen and Ine Van Hoyweghen, the issue contains articles by Pat O'Malley & Alex Roberts, Stephen J. Collier, José Ossandón, Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen, Ine Van Hoyweghen, Luis Lobo-Guerrero, plus review articles by Dean Pierides and Christopher Kelty.

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Innovating Financial Information Infrastructures

New article by Charisma member Antonios Kaniadakis, co-written with Panos Constantinides. looking at the introduction of mortgage securitization in the UK, the role played by financial information infrastructure innovation and the implications for the calculation of financial risk

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The Limits of Performativity: Politics of the Modern Economy now out in HBB

Edited by Franck Cochoy, Martin Giraudeau, Liz McFall The economy is often described either as the apolitical realm of calculation or as the fully political one of domination...

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Publication news

Risk and Regulation magazine

Check out the current edition of Risk and Regulation, edited by Martha Poon, and featuring articles by, amongst others, Janet Roitman, Natasha Dow Schüll and Michael Power

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Are Markets Good for People? Exploring the politics and culture of social insurance

Outlines, reading lists and presentations from the SUNY NEH seminar exploring social insurance schemes

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Silent lectures

David Stark introduces his 'silent lectures', which are available to download. There are four silent lectures – Performance, Models, Demonstrations, and (with Gernot Grabher) Frequently Asked Questions

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Framing the place of observation networks in the recent sociology of finance

Jose Ossandon introduces some key ongoing debates within economic sociology, while highlighting an ongoing conversation between Elena Esposito and David Stark about how we might attend better to 'observation networks'

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'BREAKING BAD’: markets, healthcare and drug money

Simon Carter explores what Breaking Bad can teach us about the role that markets play in our lives

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Devising or agencing markets?

Are consumer markets devised or 'agenced'? Liz McFall wonders in this first follow up to the ESF Agencing Markets workshop and extract from her forthcoming book Devising Consumption.

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