Child and Teen Consumption Conference 2016

12th January 2015

Information about the 7th Child and Teen Consumption conference, to be held at Aalborg University, Denmark from 27-29th of April 2016. Read More

Moving Consumption Special Issue

10th January 2015

A new special issue of Consumption Markets & Culture edited by Helene Brembeck, Franck Cochoy & Johanna Moisander on ‘Moving Consumption’ Read More

Why More Diversity on Wall Street Might Fight Bubbles

15th December 2014

Might ethnic diversity help combat market bubbles? Two recent pieces featuring David Stark on a recent paper that he co-authored Read More

IMTFI’s Sixth Annual Conference for Funded Researchers – LIVE

10th December 2014

The Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion at University of California, Irvine is LIVE online, over the course of the next two days. Read More

The New Politics of Indebtedness in Britain, December 18th

2nd December 2014

A forthcoming event marking the launch of a major new report into the politics UK indebtedness, the outcome of a six month study involving Johnna Montgomerie, Joe Deville, Carl Packman, Daniel Tischer and Liam Stanley Read More

EGOS Sub-theme 25: Devising Markets and Other Valuation Sites CFP

28th November 2014

convened by Liz McFall, Claes-Frederik Helgesson and Pascale Trompette in Athens, July 2-4 2015 Read More