New in Economy and Society: Metamorphoses of credit: pastiche production and the ordering of mass payment behavior

9th January 2013

A new article by Daniel Seabra Lopes, highlighting the interplay between innovation and imitation in markets, drawing on an ethnographic case-study of retail credit services Read More

Brazilian Gypsies as financial entrepreneurs

7th January 2013

Highlighting a PhD thesis by anthropologist Martin Fotta on the credit networks deployed by Calon Gypsies in Brazil Read More

Consumption Markets & Culture included in SSCI

3rd January 2013

CMC has been accepted for inclusion in the Social Sciences Citation Index from volume 13 (2010), with its first impact factor due in the 2012 Journal Citation Reports. Read More

Interview with Donald MacKenzie

18th December 2012

“The risk in the financial system can often develop in areas that people think of dull, technical and boring”. An interview with Donald MacKenzie by Javier Fernandez published on Estudios de la Economía Read More

EGOS 2013 CFP Cultural Economies and Economic Cultures in the Organization of Markets

9th December 2012

EGOS conference in Montreal 2013 call for short papers for a sub-theme exploring the role of culture in organizing markets Read More

Value and Currency in Peer Production

6th December 2012

Call for papers for a new special issue from The Journal of Peer Production. Deadline January 28, 2013. Read More