New in Economy and Society by Elena Esposito

31st October 2012

The structures of uncertainty: performativity and unpredictability in economic operations Read More

The Politics and Practices of Food Governance

29th October 2012

Tanja Schneider on a new seminar series at University of Oxford, exploring the contemporary politics of food production, marketing and consumption Read More

BSA Presidential Event ‘Understanding the financial crisis: sociology, political economy and heterodox economics’

4th October 2012

Charisma member Zsuzsanna Vargha on Unfailing crisis: the uses and limits of understanding
finance as a problem of failure Read More

COLLOQUIUM Muck and Brass: Money and Finance in Victorian Britain

4th October 2012

On 10 November 2012, Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies, registration now open Read More

The assembly of financial subjects: New JCE Special Issue

27th September 2012

Announcing the new JCE special issue on ‘Financial Subjects’, co-edited by Paul Langley and Andrew Leyshon, featuring work by a number of Charisma members Read More

‘Moving Consumption’: Special Issue Call for Papers

20th September 2012

Call for proposals for a forthcoming special issue of Consumption Markets & Culture, edited by Helene Brembeck, Franck Cochoy and Johanna Moisander Read More