In Vivo Economies: Culturing Temporalities of Life and Value

13th November 2013

Melinda Cooper on how recent developments in the life sciences pose compelling questions about the relationship between the culturing of life and value, plus audio clips from a related workshop and a full podcast of Catherine Waldby’s talk Read More

Politicians go wild in Wongaland, but there are bigger fish to fry

4th November 2013

Donncha Marron on the spectacle of politicians and experts targeting payday lending, while ignoring the role of poverty and social and economic precarity Read More

Surgery for breakfast

31st October 2013

Hannah Bradby on the uptake of increasingly invasive plastic surgery procedures and how their meaning is shifting Read More

What’s in a smile? Oral health, consumption and technology

28th October 2013

Drawing on recent research, Simon Carter, Judy Green and Nicki Thorogood examine the consequences of the increasing commodification of the toothbrush Read More

Plastic economies

3rd October 2013

Gay Hawkins on Accumulation: The Material Politics of Plastic, a new collection co-edited with Jennifer Gabrys and Mike Michael Read More

The matter of the credit card

3rd October 2013

Why might the plastic in the plastic card card matter? Joe Deville finds out Read More