Saving public money: The new moral economy of recycling

26th September 2013

Katy Wheeler on the changing moral economy of recycling and the effects of different systems of recycling provision Read More

Suspicious Money

5th August 2013

An exclusive translation of an extract from Ariel Wilkis’ forthcoming book ‘Suspicious Money’, which explores how money has assumed a new role in the everyday life of the poor in Latin America Read More

Low and high finance studies after performativity: A speculative workshop report

8th July 2013

Jose Ossandon provides a series of provocations for those studying finance, following the recent Charisma sponsored workshop exploring the knitting of ‘high’ and and ‘low’ finance Read More

The Fairest Exchange? On art, money and ‘artmoney’

30th May 2013

Mark Banks looks at the Artmoney project, exploring the implications of this alternate, affective and communicative form of money Read More

Leaky data: How Wonga makes lending decisions

20th May 2013

Joe Deville investigates how Wonga and other payday lenders are using unwittingly leaked online data in their credit assessments Read More

In praise of Ken Morrison

2nd May 2013

Karel Williams on careful Ken Morrison whose better way of organising meat supply persists in Morrison’s, the supermarket chain he founded, whose meat is still largely British Read More