On Market Ties: How the Market Makes Society

12th November 2012

An exclusive extract from a new collection On Market Ties (Du lien marchand), edited by Franck Cochoy, featuring Charisma members and with an afterword by Michel Callon Read More

A summer of Charisma encounters

30th October 2012

Joe Deville reports on a sequence of summer events that showcased a growing body of important new work on consumer markets Read More

Marketing Finance in the Aftermath of Crisis

4th September 2012

Taylor C. Nelms on the advertising discourses of banks in Ecuador more than ten years after financial crisis and dollarization Read More

Designing Market Spaces

24th July 2012

A review of the EGOS colloquium on design, the academy and trying to make things work better on purpose… Read More

Daisy goes to market

14th June 2012

Keith Spiller on how animals and pictures of animals may be helping to reconnect consumers with what they consume Read More

Presenting Books and Ideas

12th June 2012

Jeanne Lazarus gives an overview of Books and Ideas, an English-language version of the French online journal La vie des idées Read More