Introducing Limn

9th June 2012

Stephen Collier, Christopher Kelty, and Andrew Lakoff introduce Limn, an online Open Access publication, focusing on genealogical framings of contemporary problems Read More

Monetary tests: Banks, bankers, and customers

21st May 2012

Jeanne Lazarus on her recently published published book, which explores the struggles and tests that characterise our everyday relationships with banks Read More

Street Markets: the forgotten sites of commerce, innovation and connection

15th May 2012

Sophie Watson on how street markets are sites for not only trading, but also the production of publics and global socio-economic networks Read More

You can’t Nudge a NEST without breaking some eggs

7th May 2012

Alan Shipman on recent attempts to ‘nudge’ savers towards higher pensions contributions Read More

Elitism won’t hold back the food revolution

11th April 2012

With interest in the sociology of food increasing, Geoff Andrews explains how assumptions of ‘fine dining’ are being disrupted Read More

Protesting zombies

Inside and Outside Occupy Wall Street. New Tendencies in Economic Sociology

5th March 2012

Ann-Christina Lange on the need to incorporate the materiality of (protesting) bodies in the analysis of the sociality of finance Read More