Augmented Teapot

Materials and devices of the public

2nd March 2012

Noortje Marres and Javier Lezaun highlight a recent special section of Economy and Society exploring the composition of (materially entangled) publics, while also looking at the potential for intersections with consumer market studies Read More

“Contesting Markets”: Special issue of JAPE just out

29th February 2012

On the latest issue of the Journal of Australian Political Economy (JAPE) – a special issue on ‘Contesting Markets’ Read More

David Stearn’s history of Visa

20th February 2012

A review of David Stearns fascinating history of Visa over on NEP-HIS. Read More


‘Making a buck in a blind man’s world’

19th February 2012

Linsey McGoey on new perspectives on the political and economic value of ignorance and the deliberate harnessing of ways of not-knowing Read More

On NEST Eggs: Retirement, Reluctant Consumers and Distributed Agency

19th February 2012

Paul Langley explores how defined contribution pension plans continue to expose consumers to the whims of future financial uncertainties. Read More

Curiosity, packaging, and the economics of surprise

19th February 2012

Franck Cochoy on how packaging implements a triple economy … of curiosity, desire and surprise. Read More