New Ernest Dichter online archive

4th November 2014

Stefan Schwarzkopf highlights the launch of a fascinating archive of all the market and consumer research reports compiled by the famous (and notorious) motivation researcher Ernest Dichter between 1935 and the 1980s Read More

Fashion, Male Beauty and the ‘Men’s Dress Reform Party’

15th April 2013

Simon Carter on the Men’s Dress Reform Party (MDRP), an overlooked 1930s lobbying group seeking to change male fashion in order to make men more ‘beautiful’ Read More

David Stearn’s history of Visa

20th February 2012

A review of David Stearns fascinating history of Visa over on NEP-HIS. Read More

When the voluntary sector worked for the state

19th February 2012

Daniel Weinbren looks at what lessons have been learnt in the 100 years since the National Insurance Act. Read More