Paying Attention to Observation Theory: A Conversation on finance, networks and observation theory

14th May 2013

Seminar at the Copenhagen Business School, continuing an ongoing conversation between Elena Esposito and David Stark on observation theory (see Stark’s post on this site for more on this) Read More

Sociologie économique: Research in economic sociology in France and abroad

14th May 2013

A site bringing together a network of researchers interested in economic sociology in France, run by a number of colleagues in the Association Française de Sociologie Read More

Symbolically sustainable?

Helene de Burgh-Woodman introduces a new paper, co-authored with Dylan King, which explores what sustainability might mean in both commercial and consumption practice Read More

Encyclopedia of Consumption and Consumer Studies

8th May 2013

Calls for contributions, across a range of topics, to a major reference work within consumption studies, to be published by Wiley Blackwell and co-edited by J. Michael Ryan and Daniel Cook. Read More

In praise of Ken Morrison

2nd May 2013

Karel Williams on careful Ken Morrison whose better way of organising meat supply persists in Morrison’s, the supermarket chain he founded, whose meat is still largely British Read More

First issue of Valuation Studies, out now

24th April 2013

The first issue of the peer reviewed open access journal Valuation Studies has been published, and features an introduction to the
study of valuation as a social practice by Claes-Fredrik Helgesson and Fabian Muniesa, and articles by writers including Hans Kjellberg, Alexandre Mallard, François Vatin, Alexander Styhre, Christian Bessy and Pierre-Marie Chauvin Read More