Fashion, Male Beauty and the ‘Men’s Dress Reform Party’

15th April 2013

Simon Carter on the Men’s Dress Reform Party (MDRP), an overlooked 1930s lobbying group seeking to change male fashion in order to make men more ‘beautiful’ Read More

Are markets matching Callon and Roth?

8th April 2013

Jose Ossandon reflects on overlaps between work on ‘market design’, associated in part with economist Alvin Roth, and that on ‘markets as calculative collective devices’, developed by Michel Callon and colleagues Read More

Debunking economics?

2nd April 2013

An extract from Will Davies’ excellent review of the recently published Economists and the Powerful, by Norbert Häring & Niall Douglas Read More

Observing Observers Observing Observers

11th March 2013

David Stark introduces three recent papers that observe observers observing others, including exploring how processes of valuation are shaped by an actor’s location in ‘attention networks’ Read More

Loaded Subjects: Psychoanalysis, Money and the Global Financial Crisis

5th March 2013

New collection, edited by David Bennett, debating “the links between psychology, money and economic crashes”. Read More

New podcasts from Esudio de la Economia

4th March 2013

Three new podcast-interviews from Estudios de la Economia, featuring Timothy Mitchell, Gil Eyal and Daniel Beunza. Read More