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Materials and devices of the public

2nd March 2012

Noortje Marres and Javier Lezaun highlight a recent special section of Economy and Society exploring the composition of (materially entangled) publics, while also looking at the potential for intersections with consumer market studies Read More

“Contesting Markets”: Special issue of JAPE just out

29th February 2012

On the latest issue of the Journal of Australian Political Economy (JAPE) – a special issue on ‘Contesting Markets’ Read More

Working Paper: Advertising and Imitation

24th February 2012

Liz Mcfall, on why it’s not advertising itself that makes people consume but the ‘fit’ between different social, technical and material elements of market devices Read More

Doctoral Workshop on Marketing History, May 2013

23rd February 2012

Copenhagen Business School workshop for doctoral students looking to develop their marketing history research skills, 29-30 May 2013 Read More

Boredom: Life and Work after the Experience Economy, April 12-13

23rd February 2012

New workshop at the CBS exploring boredom, its associations with consumer society, and as a culturally created phenomenon Read More

Varieties, Alternatives, and Deviations in Marketing History, May 2013

23rd February 2012

CFP: Conference on Historical Analysis and Research in Marketing, CBS, May 30 – Jun 2, 2013 Read More