2nd April 2012

CFP: ASA section on Consumers and Consumption conference, Aug 2012

“Global Consumption: Politics, Culture, Practice”

August 16, 2012, University of Denver

Consumption processes have not been and cannot be contained within national borders or cultural identities. Transnational flows of people, goods, images and information complicate any simple identification of the meaning of things and implicate a complex politics regarding the production, consumption, exchange and use of goods. Long identified in sociological theory with development and underdevelopment, global markets today insinuate themselves in the everyday lives of those in the Global North as well as in the majority nations and contexts of the South.

The implications and trajectories of the ever-widening vistas of globalization of consumption are vast, cross-cutting and emergent. Globalized goods and meanings can replace traditional practices as well as integrate with and enhance them; they allow for connections and alliances across language and culture while, at the same time, favor particular versions of social relations that undermine the particular. Transnational flows of information and things can, at once, legitimate the politics of single-minded consumer capitalism and, as well, pose and enable alternatives to the social, economic and environmental costs of unchecked consumerism.

The ASA Sociology of Consumers and Consumption Section is inviting submissions for a one-day conference on Global Consumption: Politics, Culture, Practice to be held on the campus of the University of Denver, Thursday August 16, 2012. We invite papers on any topic related to consumption studies. Papers can be theoretical, empirical or conceptual. We encourage (but do not specifically require) authors to consider their works in the context of the conference theme. Submissions from graduate students and junior scholars are especially welcome.

Papers may be on a variety of topics including, but not limited to:

  • sustainability
  • glocalization
  • transnational media
  • global youth/global childhoods
  • political-consumer activism
  • consumption in post-socialist countries
  • the rise of a global middle class
  • the transformation/enactment of ethnic identity
  • transnational media/marketing efforts and structures

Invited Panel

The highlight of the conference will be a Spotlight Panel of scholars addressing conference theme. Details on participants will be forthcoming.

Abstract Submissions

Abstract submission opens April 2, 2012. Abstract deadline is April 30, 2012.

Please include:

  • Separate cover sheet with: title, name and affiliation of author(s), include email and phone number of contact person (first author)
  • Abstract of 250-300 words that discusses the problem, research, methods and relevance. Use MS Word document.
  • Note: DO NOT put identifying information in the body of the abstract; only on cover sheet

Send abstracts to CSRNConf@camden.rutgers.edu. Please put “Consumption Conference” in the subject line

Space is limited. Notification of acceptance will occur some time in mid-May, 2012.

Graduate Student Workshop

We are please to offer again a Graduate Student Workshop where students will have papers commented on by faculty mentors. Graduate students who wish to be considered for the Workshop should send 250-300 word abstracts to Dr. Josée Johnston (josee.johnston@utoronto.ca) by April 30, 2012.

Accommodations and Registration

A conference website will be running in early April with details.


Dan Cook (dtcook@camden.rutgers.edu) for questions about the conference or membership in the Consumers and Consumption section.

Also, visit the Consumers and Consumption website or the Consumer Studies Research Network for updates on the conference