22nd October 2014

Consumer Culture Theory Conference 2015

Call for Papers

The University of Arkansas is thrilled to host the 10th annual CCT Conference from June 18 – 21, 2015. The theme of the conference is “Critical Reflection.” For more information about the conference please check out the website CCTArkansas.com. Our purpose for writing you today is twofold.

*   First, we would like to encourage you to submit your work to the conference. The deadline has recently been pushed back to December 1st. To submit your work, please go to: http://www.cctarkansas.com/submissions/.

*   Second, we would also like to encourage you to sign up to volunteer as a reviewer for the conference by visiting:http://www.cctarkansas.com/volunteer/. With your reviews, we can continue to grow our society in a meaningful direction.

Thank you to those who have already submitted your work and/or signed up to volunteer. We look forward to seeing you in Fayetteville!


Jeff and Anastasia

Jeff B. Murray

Anastasia E. Thyroff