26th June 2013

Consumption Markets & Culture articles

Routledge are delighted to announce that Consumption Markets & Culture has received its first Impact Factor of 0.500 in the 2012 Journal Citation Reports®.

In celebration of this, we are offering free access to five articles from the journal.

The free articles feature winners of the journals’ Best Paper award for articles published in 2011 and 2012, as well as articles that received honourable mentions.

Click on an article to read it for free online:

Governing the consumer: technologies of consumption

Antony Beckett (winner 2012)

Consumption and gender identity in popular media: discourses of domesticity, authenticity, and sexuality

Linda Tuncay Zayer, Katherine Sredl, Marie-Agnès Parmentier & Catherine Coleman

Technologies of ironic revelation: enacting consumers in neuromarkets

Tanja Schneider & Steve Woolgar

Consumer acculturation theory: (crossing) conceptual boundaries
Marius K. Luedicke (winner 2011)

“We make the shoes, you make the story” Teenage girls’ experiences of fashion: Bricolage, tactics and narrative identity
Gilles Marion and Agnes Nairn