8th May 2013

Encyclopedia of Consumption and Consumer Studies

This is a call for contributions for the Concise Encyclopedia of Consumption and Consumer Studies for Wiley-Blackwell publishers (expected 2014), co-edited by J. Michael Ryan and Daniel Cook.

This project will be a landmark contribution by providing the most comprehensive, up-to-date reference work in the field. At present, we are looking for authors who can offer their expertise for a number of topics. Please see the list of headwords here.  Authors should let us know which entry or entries you might be interested in authoring. You can send your requests or any questions to J. Michael Ryan at consumptionstudies@umd.edu. The deadline for entries is September 1, 2013.

The social and cultural study of consumers and consumption has arisen as a serious and robust area of scholarly inquiry over the last two decades and continues apace as the landscapes of various consumer cultures arise and transform. Consumption finds its home in a number of academic disciplines—e.g., sociology, anthropology, history, marketing, advertising and cultural studies, among others. Befitting the field’s multidisciplinary and multifaceted origins and subject matter, the Concise Encyclopedia of Consumption and Consumer Studies draws upon scholarship from many disciplines and seeks to widen the scope of consumer studies beyond North American, European and Global North contexts.

The major purchasers of the encyclopedia will be libraries, both university and public. The core readership will be scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, and a broader audience of those interested in consumption and its place in social, economic and political life. The goal is create entries that are accessible to the latter without compromising content or scholarship.

Please pass on this Call to anyone you think might be interested.