3rd November 2014

‘My Improbable Profession’ – new short story in Consumption Markets & Culture

Consumption Markets & Culture is pleased to announce the publication of John Schouten’s short story “My improbable profession” – available free for a limited time. As far as I can tell, this is the first work of fiction published in the  journal, which has been dedicated to alternative and creative modes of academic writing since its inception in 1997. His story skillfully illuminates central topics such as agency, materiality, and storytelling, and sheds light on the growing use of ethnographic inspired research within the marketplace. As stated in the story’s abstract: “Consumer ethnographers by virtue of their craft develop levels of knowledge and understanding about people that run deeper than what they report to corporate clients or in the pages of academic journals.” “My improbable profession” provides experiential insight that would be difficult to gain via more traditional research methods or writing styles. For reseachers interested in new modes of research and expression in consumption markets and culture scholarship, this publication story marks an important and impactful contribution.