12th May 2016

Young scholars workshop on Global Finance

Young Scholars Workshop 2016

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Finance: Taking Stock

University of Bremen, 21-23 September 2016

Info at: http://www.polfinance.uni-bremen.de/young-scholars-workshop/

Ever since the global financial crisis, social and political implications of finance have been widely discussed, both in public discourse and academia. Re‐regulation of the financial industry, growing inequality, and the sovereign debt crisis, especially in Europe, are high on the political agenda – and point to the need to come to a more encompassing understanding of the dynamics of global finance. Financial products, actors and organizations straddle national borders and affect political, social, legal and cultural rules and practices.The purpose of this workshop is to understand the complexities of global finance and to discuss the merit of interdisciplinary approaches to studying finance. This seems particularly pressing, as the multitude of recent empirical studies on the financial crisis has not yet been matched by conceptual reflections. This concerns, for example, the interrelatedness of neighboring fields of study, overarching empirical research as well as systematizations of cross‐cutting theoretical explanations.

The Young Scholars’ Workshop seeks to take stock of the diversity in global finance in two ways: First, we want to bring together junior scholars, PhD students as well as Post‐docs, and Junior Professors, with an interest in interdisciplinary exchange, that are conducting empirical research on all aspects of global finance. Second, we seek to identify common themes (empirical and methodological) as well as promising theoretical approaches across disciplines to come to a more encompassing understanding of
global finance as a social and political phenomenon.

You can find the complete Call for Papers here.

Paper proposal (300 words) should be submitted by 20 May 2016.

Confirmed speakers
Lucia Quaglia (York), Eleni Tsingou (Copenhagen), Phil Mader (Sussex)

Application deadline: 20.05.2016
Notification of acceptance: 10.06.2015
Papers due: 31.08.2016
Workshop: 21.‐23. September 2016

The workshop is supported by the Center for Transnational Studies (ZenTra) 
and the Foundation of the University of Bremen.