29th March 2012

CFP: Muck and Brass: Money and Finance in Victorian Britain, Nov 2012

 One Day Colloquium on 10 November 2012

 A collaborative event, sponsored by the British Association for Victorian Studies & the Social History Society, & hosted by the Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies

Keynote Speakers:

Professor Ranald Michie (University of Durham) & Professor Janette Rutterford

Call for Papers

We welcome offers of papers from social, cultural and economic historians and literary scholars on any of the following themes, or indeed any other aspects of Victorian finance, commercialism, economic activity, materialism, and money:

–       the economic, commercial, and financial history of Victorian Britain

–       the literature and philosophy of political economy: arguments, texts, ethics

–       exploration of economic themes in fiction, poetry, and drama: bankruptcy and bankers, financial fraudsters, credit and character

–       representations of money, markets, and materialism in paintings and other visual forms

–       the architectural forms, physical spaces, and material cultures of financial, commercial and economic activities

–       the circulation of money: local and global exchange, credit, investment and inheritance

–       critiques and attacks on Victorian financial and commercial practices and materialism

–       the social impacts of Victorian economic activity in terms of  for example, class, gender, credit, consumerism

–       economics and emotion, desire and speculation

–       markets metaphors, and ways of describing finance and economics

–       the experience of teaching the history, culture, and literature of Victorian economics, commerce and finance within the HE sector

Please send a brief abstract of 250-300 words to Dr Donna Loftus (d.loftus@open.ac.uk) and Dr Rosemary Mitchell (r.mitchell@leedstrinity.ac.uk) by 1 July 2012.