7th April 2015

Data, Now Bigger and Better!

I’m happy to announce that the book Data, Now Bigger and Better!, the outcome of a number of interrelated activities at the Intel Science and Technology Center (ISTC) and coedited by Tom Boellstorff and myself, is now out.

With chapters by Genevieve Bell (Intel), Melissa Gregg (Intel), Tom Boellstorff (UC Irvine), Nick Seaver (soon to be at Tufts) and myself, the book is “an exploration of the kinds of theoretical provocations and conceptual enframings that are so needed when, it is often claimed, the very nature of big data means that knowledge is ‘at scale’ and concepts aren’t needed any more.”

Prickly Paradigm Press (which publishes through University of Chicago Press) seeks to “bring the old-time pamphlet back… writing unconstrained and creative texts about meaningful matters.” In that spirit we had a lot of fun putting the book together and I hope that Charisma readers will enjoy it!

Table of contents

Tom Boellstorff and Bill Maurer

The Secret Life of Big Data
Genevieve Bell

Bastard Algebra
Nick Seaver

The Gift that Is Not Given
Melissa Gregg

Principles of Descent and Alliance for Big Data
Bill Maurer

Making Big Data, In Theory
Tom Boellstorff

See here for more information

Data Now Bigger