‘Agencing Markets’ Special Issue

28th January 2016

A new Special Issue of Consumption, Markets and Culture: ‘Agencing Markets’. Edited by Franck Cochoy, Pascale Trompette & Luis Araujo and featuring additional contributions by Michel Callon, Joe Deville, Alexandre Mallard, Susi Geiger, John Finch, Hans Kjellberg, Johan Hagberg,
Cédric Calvignac, and Céline Cholez. Read More

Marketplace Icons

28th January 2016

A selection of articles in Consumption Markets and Culture’s ‘Marketplace Icon’ series are now online. Papers ranging from looking at the MP3, to teddy bears, to the mobile phone Read More

A workshop on Competition(s)

28th January 2016

Call for papers for a workshop on Competition(s), organised by David Stark, Elena Esposito, Kristian Kreiner, Celia Lury, Fabian Muniesa, and Christine Musselin. Deadline for abstracts: February 15th. Read More

Postdoc position on the valuation of pharmaceutical cancer treatments

28th January 2016

Hans Kjellberg draws Charisma readers’ attention to a new three year postdoc position at the Stockholm School of Economics, on the valuation and pricing of pharmaceutical cancer treatment, on a project he jointly leading with Ebba Sjögren. Read More

On Bowie theory and Bowie bonds

25th January 2016

Andrew Leyshon on David Bowie’s smart take on the major changes to the industry his career coincided with Read More

SASE conference deadline extended

19th January 2016

SASE has extended its deadline for submissions until 1st February – including for three mini-conferences already advertised on this site. Read More

The Marketization of Everyday Life

13th January 2016

Call for papers for mini-conference at SASE which examines the marketization of practices previously considered as recreational or domestic. Deadline for abstracts January 18th. Read More

Disrupting Capitalism? Market Coordination and Regulation in the Digital Age

21st December 2015

Call for papers for a mini-conference at the next SASE meeting, that aims to bring together researchers studying digital markets. Deadline for abstracts, January 18th. Read More

Two fully funded PhD positions on market dynamics

21st December 2015

Announcing a call for applications to two fully PhD positions, to be hosted at the Department of Marketing and Strategy at the Stockholm School of Economics. Read More

Streams of Consciousness: Data, Cognition and Intelligent Devices

18th November 2015

Call for papers for ‘Streams of Consciousness: Data, Cognition and Intelligent Devices’, an event that looks to critically interrogate our contemporary infatuation with specific cognitive qualities, while seeking to genuinely understand the specific forms of cognition that are privileged in our current technological milieu. Deadline for abstracts: 18th November Read More