Launch & Invitation: “Urban Markets Platform”

20th June 2013

An invitation to participate in the new Urban Markets Platform, to be launched during the UN-Habitat Conference in Stockholm in June 2013. Read More

PhD Studentships at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies

17th June 2013

Three PhD studentships on offer, to work with Celia Lury on themes including economic models and economic life, mapping political spaces, and digital economies and publics Read More

Calculative Devices in the Digital Age

9th June 2013

Call for papers for “Calculative Devices in the Digital Age” conference at Durham University in November, with keynotes including Pat O’Malley, Marieke de Goede and Rita Raley. Deadline August 1st Read More

Estudios de la Economía podcast interviews

4th June 2013

Two new podcast interviews from Estudios de la Economía, featuring David Stark talking to Stefano Palestini and Paul du Gay on bureaucracy and cultural economy Read More

Centro de Estudios Sociales de la Economía website

3rd June 2013

Announcing a new website for Centro de Estudios Sociales de la Economía, including a release of original articles in Spanish by Pierre Bourdieu, Viviana Zelizer and others Read More

The Fairest Exchange? On art, money and ‘artmoney’

30th May 2013

Mark Banks looks at the Artmoney project, exploring the implications of this alternate, affective and communicative form of money Read More

3rd Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop

16th May 2013

Call for abstracts/paper proposals for the 3rd interdisciplinary market studies workshop, to take place near Aix en Provence, France, on June 5 and 6 2014. Read More

Market Studies

15th May 2013

A site involving a number of Charisma members, exploring how marketing among academics and practitioners interact with one another Read More

Sociologie économique: Research in economic sociology in France and abroad

14th May 2013

A site bringing together a network of researchers interested in economic sociology in France, run by a number of colleagues in the Association Française de Sociologie Read More

In praise of Ken Morrison

2nd May 2013

Karel Williams on careful Ken Morrison whose better way of organising meat supply persists in Morrison’s, the supermarket chain he founded, whose meat is still largely British Read More