9th December 2013

Valuation Studies Issue 2 OUT NOW!

The peer reviewed open access journal Valuation Studies just published its second issue. It contains four items:

• An editorial “Valuation Studies and the Spectacle of Valuation” by the editors Fabian Muniesa and Claes-Fredrik Helgesson brings up the topic that valuation is something that people may watch as entertainment, such as in television shows like the Antiques Roadshow, and suggest that there is a voyeuristic pleasure to be had in witnessing valuations being performed.

• In “What Is a Good Tomato? A Case of Valuing in Practice” Frank Heuts and Annemarie Mol explore different register of valuing involved in the valuation of tomatoes as well as the importance of care for making tomatoes good.

• “Regulating Crisis: A Retrospective Ethnography of the 1982 Latin American Debt Crisis at the New York Federal Reserve Bank” by Julia Elyachar looks at the daily life inside the bank during the crisis and not the least the import of devices and different styles of working and generating knowledge.

• The final article, “The Conditional Sink: Counterfactual Display in the Valuation of a Carbon Offsetting”, by Véra Ehrenstein and Fabian Muniesa is a case study of a carbon offsetting reforestation project in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in particular the role of counterfactual valuations in such projects.

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