17th April 2014

Virtual boundaries: The Social Consequences of Digital Marketing

Part of the ESRC Seminar Series on Marketplace Exclusion: Representations, Resistances and Responses

7th May 2014, Nottingham University, Jubilee Campus Amenities Building B18

This seminar builds on Nottingham University’s reputation as a centre of research into the digital economy and brings together computer scientists, marketing practitioners and media researchers to discuss how digital marketing is coming to shaping different peoples’ lives in very different ways.

Speakers include Agnes Nairn (Bath – author of Consumer Kids); Janice Denegri Knott (Bournemouth – author of Digital Virtual Consumption); Ellen Helsper (LSE – author of “Digital Inclusion”); Peter Lunt (Leicester – author of Media Regulation).

Registration: http://www.liv.ac.uk/management/conferences-and-events/esrc/

Contact robert.cluley@nottingham.ac.uk for details.