Consumer Finance Research Methods Toolkit by Erin B. Taylor and Gawain Lynch

The CFRM Toolkit: Methods for understanding consumers in a changing world of finance

12th May 2016

Consumer finance globally is undergoing a process of rapid change. How can we adapt our research methods to understand changing consumer behaviour? The newly-launched CFRM Toolkit reviews cutting-edge methods in consumer finance research. Read More

Mobile money agent in Haiti. Photo by Erin B. Taylor

Mobile money aesthetics: Text, display, and the cultural logics of concealment

23rd March 2015

Erin Taylor looks at the promises and practicalities of mobile money, drawing on a chapter published in The Routledge Companion to Mobile Media (2014) Read More

New Ernest Dichter online archive

4th November 2014

Stefan Schwarzkopf highlights the launch of a fascinating archive of all the market and consumer research reports compiled by the famous (and notorious) motivation researcher Ernest Dichter between 1935 and the 1980s Read More

Is it really so hard to sell better security to the poor?

1st October 2014

In the context of the never-ending story cycle of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act this article considers the perennial question of why the poor have so often throughout history been considered resistant to policy reforms that were designed in their own interests. Read More

Surgery for breakfast

31st October 2013

Hannah Bradby on the uptake of increasingly invasive plastic surgery procedures and how their meaning is shifting Read More

What’s in a smile? Oral health, consumption and technology

28th October 2013

Drawing on recent research, Simon Carter, Judy Green and Nicki Thorogood examine the consequences of the increasing commodification of the toothbrush Read More

Plastic economies

3rd October 2013

Gay Hawkins on Accumulation: The Material Politics of Plastic, a new collection co-edited with Jennifer Gabrys and Mike Michael Read More

Saving public money: The new moral economy of recycling

26th September 2013

Katy Wheeler on the changing moral economy of recycling and the effects of different systems of recycling provision Read More

Daisy goes to market

14th June 2012

Keith Spiller on how animals and pictures of animals may be helping to reconnect consumers with what they consume Read More

Street Markets: the forgotten sites of commerce, innovation and connection

15th May 2012

Sophie Watson on how street markets are sites for not only trading, but also the production of publics and global socio-economic networks Read More