Financialisation of everyday life

24th February 2015

CFP for session at the Global Conference on Economic Geography at Oxford looking at the financialisation of everyday life. Organised by Shaun French & Karen Lai. Deadline April 30. Read More

Domesticizing Financial Economies, Part 2

2nd February 2015

Call for papers for ‘Domesticizing Financial Economies, Part 2’, a mini-conference at this year’s SASE at the London School of Economics. Deadline for abstracts 26th January. Read More

Geographies of debt and indebtedness: everyday and comparative frames

23rd January 2015

Call for papers for a panel at the RGS conference in Exeter in September on Geographies of debt and indebtedness. Organised by Christopher Harker and Samuel Kirwan. Deadline Feb 10th. Read More

Why More Diversity on Wall Street Might Fight Bubbles

15th December 2014

Might ethnic diversity help combat market bubbles? Two recent pieces featuring David Stark on a recent paper that he co-authored Read More

The New Politics of Indebtedness in Britain, December 18th

2nd December 2014

A forthcoming event marking the launch of a major new report into the politics UK indebtedness, the outcome of a six month study involving Johnna Montgomerie, Joe Deville, Carl Packman, Daniel Tischer and Liam Stanley Read More

Infrastructures of money

20th October 2014

Joe Deville on just how important the infrastructures of money are, reporting on a recent conference on Money as Communication at the University of Southern California Read More

Safety in numbers: Squatting as social and financial security

6th October 2014

Are residents of squatter settlements in the “developing world” really less secure than home owners in wealthier countries? Perhaps not. Read More

Investigating High-Frequency Trading

26th August 2014

A call for papers for an international series of workshops on High Frequency Trading. Confirmed participants include Donald Mackenzie, Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra, Yuval Millo, Evangelos Benos, Nathan Coombs, Alexandre Laumonier, Alex Preda, and Christian Borch Read More

Mini-conference report: Domesticizing Financial Economies, SASE, Chicago

26th August 2014

Jeanne Lazarus, Mariana Luzzi, and José Ossandón report on the SASE mini-conference they organised, including reflections on what they term the “Zelizerian turn” Read More

Governing Money After Bitcoin and the “Sharing Economy”

11th August 2014

An invitation to attend a public lecture by Professor Bill Maurer, University of California, Irvine on 8 September 2014 at University of Warwick. Addressing questions including: What happens when “peer currencies” and the peer economy recode private moneys and renting as liberation and revolution? What happens to money and exchange when it occurs through closed loops connected by private gateways? Read More