Protesting zombies

Inside and Outside Occupy Wall Street. New Tendencies in Economic Sociology

5th March 2012

Ann-Christina Lange on the need to incorporate the materiality of (protesting) bodies in the analysis of the sociality of finance Read More

IPK Cultures of Finance – Bruce Initiative Graduate Fellows: deadline extended to Feb. 26

22nd February 2012

Bruce Initiative Graduate Fellows event at IPK Cultures of Finance conference (12-14 Apr): deadline extended to Feb. 26 Read More

On NEST Eggs: Retirement, Reluctant Consumers and Distributed Agency

19th February 2012

Paul Langley explores how defined contribution pension plans continue to expose consumers to the whims of future financial uncertainties. Read More

How can you see money moving?

19th February 2012

Bill Maurer on the shift toward the use of the mobile phone as a financial channel, and a route to financial formalization Read More