An interview with Philip Mirowski

23rd July 2013

An interview with Philip Mirowski on Estudios de la Economía, including reflections on how Facebook teaches you to be a neoliberal agent and how the performativity programme ends up with sociologists recapitulating economists Read More

Sociology of financial markets PhD position

14th June 2013

A new PhD scholarship in the sociology of financial markets has just been announced at Copenhagen Business School Read More

Bill Maurer and Vincent Lepinay, Open Lecture, OU, 20 June

6th June 2013

The University of Leicester Management School, CRESC Social Life of Methods and Charisma are delighted to announce that Bill Maurer and Vincent Lepinay will be giving an open lecture as part of the ‘Understanding the Knitting: new methods for investigating the interactions of low and high finance’ workshop. Read More

Leaky data: How Wonga makes lending decisions

20th May 2013

Joe Deville investigates how Wonga and other payday lenders are using unwittingly leaked online data in their credit assessments Read More

Paying Attention to Observation Theory: A Conversation on finance, networks and observation theory

14th May 2013

Seminar at the Copenhagen Business School, continuing an ongoing conversation between Elena Esposito and David Stark on observation theory (see Stark’s post on this site for more on this) Read More

New Perspectives on Consumer Behavior in Credit and Payments Markets

15th April 2013

Call for papers for New Perspectives on Consumer Behavior in Credit and Payments Markets, co-sponsored by the Research Department and Payment Cards Center of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Read More

Observing Observers Observing Observers

11th March 2013

David Stark introduces three recent papers that observe observers observing others, including exploring how processes of valuation are shaped by an actor’s location in ‘attention networks’ Read More

Loaded Subjects: Psychoanalysis, Money and the Global Financial Crisis

5th March 2013

New collection, edited by David Bennett, debating “the links between psychology, money and economic crashes”. Read More

Occupy London

12th February 2013

A gallery of photographs taken by Andrew Hill in early November 2011 outside St Paul’s and at Finsbury Circus Read More

New in Economy and Society: Metamorphoses of credit: pastiche production and the ordering of mass payment behavior

9th January 2013

A new article by Daniel Seabra Lopes, highlighting the interplay between innovation and imitation in markets, drawing on an ethnographic case-study of retail credit services Read More