‘Marketplace Icons’ – a new series in Consumption Markets & Culture

23rd March 2015

Jonathan Schroeder introduces the new ‘Marketplace Icon’ series in the journal Consumption Markets & Culture. The first is ‘Denim’, by Daniel Miller Read More

Mobile money agent in Haiti. Photo by Erin B. Taylor

Mobile money aesthetics: Text, display, and the cultural logics of concealment

23rd March 2015

Erin Taylor looks at the promises and practicalities of mobile money, drawing on a chapter published in The Routledge Companion to Mobile Media (2014) Read More

Child and Teen Consumption Conference 2016

12th January 2015

Information about the 7th Child and Teen Consumption conference, to be held at Aalborg University, Denmark from 27-29th of April 2016. Read More

Moving Consumption Special Issue

10th January 2015

A new special issue of Consumption Markets & Culture edited by Helene Brembeck, Franck Cochoy & Johanna Moisander on ‘Moving Consumption’ Read More

New Ernest Dichter online archive

4th November 2014

Stefan Schwarzkopf highlights the launch of a fascinating archive of all the market and consumer research reports compiled by the famous (and notorious) motivation researcher Ernest Dichter between 1935 and the 1980s Read More

‘My Improbable Profession’ – new short story in Consumption Markets & Culture

3rd November 2014

In a first for the journal, Consumption Markets and Culture has published a work of fiction: John Schouten’s short story “My improbable profession”. Available for free for a limited period of time, it
illuminates central topics such as agency, materiality, and storytelling, and sheds light on the growing use of ethnographic inspired research within the marketplace Read More

Creating the Responsible Consumer: Ethnographic Insights from Davos

23rd October 2014

Markus Giesler introduces articles in Open Democracy and the Baffler on market systems and consumer subjectivity, drawing on a paper co-authored with Ela Veresiu Read More

Consumer Culture Theory Conference 2015

22nd October 2014

Call for papers for the Consumer Culture Theory Conference, to take place at the University of Arkansas from June 18 – 21, 2015 Read More

Tweening the Girl

21st October 2014

A new book that may be of interest to Charisma readers: Tweening the Girl: The Crystallization of the Tween Market, by Natalie Coulter Read More

Is it really so hard to sell better security to the poor?

1st October 2014

In the context of the never-ending story cycle of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act this article considers the perennial question of why the poor have so often throughout history been considered resistant to policy reforms that were designed in their own interests. Read More