Communicating Identity/Consuming Difference

16th October 2013

Call for Papers for Communicating Identity/Consuming Difference, the 6th William A. Kern Conference on Visual Communication, to be held at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2014 Read More

Plastic economies

3rd October 2013

Gay Hawkins on Accumulation: The Material Politics of Plastic, a new collection co-edited with Jennifer Gabrys and Mike Michael Read More

Just looking? Choice and constraint in practices of visual consumption at magazine newsstands

26th September 2013

A new paper by Mehita Iqani, published in Consumption Markets & Culture, that looks at the practices of looking that occur in London’s newsstands Read More

Saving public money: The new moral economy of recycling

26th September 2013

Katy Wheeler on the changing moral economy of recycling and the effects of different systems of recycling provision Read More

Unpacking insight: How consumers are qualified by advertising agencies

12th August 2013

A new paper by Tomas Artizia, published in Journal of Consumer Culture, describing how consumers are qualified and mobilised in advertising agencies, with a focus on how ‘insight’ is producted and circulated Read More

Consumption Markets & Culture articles

26th June 2013

Consumption Markets & Culture offers free access to five articles from the journal, including winners of the journals’ Best Paper awards, to celebrate its first Impact Factor of 0.500. Read More

CMC Best Paper Award

15th May 2013

Journal Consumption Markets and Culture announces its Best Paper award for articles published in 2012 Read More

Symbolically sustainable?

Helene de Burgh-Woodman introduces a new paper, co-authored with Dylan King, which explores what sustainability might mean in both commercial and consumption practice Read More

Encyclopedia of Consumption and Consumer Studies

8th May 2013

Calls for contributions, across a range of topics, to a major reference work within consumption studies, to be published by Wiley Blackwell and co-edited by J. Michael Ryan and Daniel Cook. Read More

Consumer Culture Theory Workshop: Updated call

5th February 2013

Updated call for a workshop that follows the Consumer Culture Theory Conference; deadline for submissions March 1, 2013 Read More